Our Services

We can maintain your property for you. This includes gardening, lawn mowing, section clearing including tree surgery, painting, cleaning outside and inside of your home, and fix anything around the house if needed – Gosh! We can do anything so just ask and we will get back to you if we can do it or not, and most of the time we can Smiling face with smiling eyes.

We can landscape your front and back yard, build you a fence, deck,  gate, sculpture, retaining wall, patio – Gosh! We can build you a lot of things so, again, just ask and we will get back to you ASAP.

We also buy scrap metals, but only steel and copper at the moment. We offers you $280 for 2.5 to 3.5 mm thick steel per tonne, and if it is longer than 2 metres we offers $300 per tonne. For 3.5mm and over we offers $320 per tonne, and again if it is longer than 2 metres we offers $350 per tonne – please nothing under 2.5 mm thick. We offers $8 per kilogram of copper, and this will varies between what type of copper you have, so just ask, the price ranges for copper will be between $2 to $10 per kilogram.

We also specialise in second tow-bar, for sale and installation, so please do ask if we might have your type of model car tow-bar as we are limited due to it being second hand tow-bar, but it will be cheaper than a brand new ones.

We have unique products and can make you, or try to, anything you want that require steel as part of the element. We can make you products for caravan, camper van, motorhome, and just any useful product that can be used around the house or commercial building, so please just ask and we will let you know if we can do it or not, since I am very optimistic, most of the time we can☺️.

We can try our best to restore your furniture too, so just ask please.