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    Ready to leap the new year with your lawn care and mowing business with a franchise in Melbourne?

    Jim's Mowing Franchise
  • Jim’s Mowing Franchise

    Jim's Mowing has been around for over 30 years, due to their well-known brand and it's the most recognised franchise in Australia.

  • VIP Lawn Mowing Franchise

    VIP Home Services is one of the oldest and experienced company to a franchise model around home services and lawn care, and it's existed well before Jim's Mowing.

  • Express Mowing Franchise

    Express Mowing Franchise focus on providing an affordable solution to buying a mowing franchise or business.

I’m writing this article about what I’ve heard from beginning my own mowing company and how you may benefit from buying a lawn care and gardening business. My view is to concentrate on my travel and expertise; you could take it as you see fit and I expect it will steer you to begin your mowing company.

Should I start a mowing business or buy a mowing franchise?

You like the concept of conducting a business, making money together with the capacity to work flexible hours that fit your lifestyle. You’re fed up with working for the guy, all your hard working efforts go into making somebody else more rewarding, and recognition was not there.

You know for true your office occupation or present work is not secure, there’s absolutely no job security, the sole real protection for you will be to start and run your own company with low-risks and investment.

We get it, you turn up to work first, leave your work overdue, and also the boss or supervisor anticipate you to bend backward to your business, but one day you’re created redundant — they do not want you anymore after serving over 20 years with nothing to prove for yourself. We get you everywhere; you know that by conducting a lawn mowing company, all your hard work will pay off in the long term — all of the benefits come to you and your loved ones.

It is a business you can begin without having expertise, and in reduced entry price.

  • How I start a lawn mowing business

I will personally say you have to enjoy being outdoors and adore the idea of upkeeping possessions with lawn mowing and gardening services. Most of us mow lawns at least once in our lifetimes; perhaps it had been younger for you — maybe you maintained your backyard and wished to turn the idea to paying your invoices.

For me personally, I wanted to begin a lawn care & gardening company for a side gig while I continue work in my website and electronic advertising and drone enterprise. I would like to create multiple income streams rather than to be concerned about making ends meet. I like the notion of building a company from the bottom up and flip it to some fulltime gig with the capability to grow and expand with sub-contractors.

I’m a blessed person to have my younger brother working together with me, together with his client service expertise and favorable interaction fostered our vulnerability in receiving customers in Darebin and Banyule areas for lawn maintenance and gardening solutions. We work in web design and digital marketing with our company named Neptune Design; you are able to see us in https://www.neptunedesign.com.au — we help new company using branding and launching their own new online.

Sonik, my brother

Get a professional website for your lawn care business

We’ve got a site here (lawnmowingmelbournemetro.com.au) which are ranking well to be used and been create leads through SEO. When we began the site was supposed to turn it into a lead generation site, but it had been difficult to make confidence with subcontractors. As a result of this barrier, I chose to start a lawn mowing company and take on the job ourselves and also to build up our brand gradually.

I enroll our enterprise title Great Friday and Gardening and seek the services of a Volkswagon van to experimentation our mowing company. I also went and purchased gear for us moving, here’s a listing of lawn maintenance tools I bought.

Essential lawn mowing equipment

  1. Mower x2
  2. Whipper snipper x2
  3. Hedge trimmer
  4. Blower and vacuum
  5. Clipping bags
  6. Lawn edging tool – manual & engine
  7. Hedge cutter

Each of the crucial lawn mowing tools for us moving, I think in working together with two individuals, it is more fun working together. We nourish and gain expertise and knowledge in a quicker speed.

We hired a van with car magnets for our branding and got our shirts with our name on it.

Getting customers calling for your mowing service

Among the very best and also a fast remedy to get clients to call you will be to make use of Google AdWords. That is an fantastic incentive to receive new company in and begin your lawn maintenance business. AdWords is simple to use and set up your very first effort, I have this ready to go in a couple of hours.

With AdWords, you’re paying per click every time a customer search to your services on Google search engine optimization. However, you should not worry, client’s love having choices to pick from, in case you’ve got a good looking lawn mowing site layout to help convert prospects and your customer support is spot on, you’ll win business.

Lawn mowing Franchisee remains an independent small business owner; they must manage clients like yourself, providing out estimates — fresh franchisees are in practice mode such as yourself. They’ll make mistakes studying and directing a company just like you. Do not place too much stress on your own, enjoy the travel and enjoy what you do.

We are in the works to continue with our door knocking and dropping flyers to homes.

    I’ve completed a great deal of research about the best way best to charge lawn mowing prices and costs; there are lots of sites you’ll be able to collect information. This is listing of website you are able to check out.



    You may make mistakes in quoting, and you’re going to learn immediately since you continue to acquire more work. Sonik and that I know to give estimate quote and constantly state that upon our trip if the undertaking is more important than explain we will need to upgrade our estimate, we do not mow the yard and allow the customer know about the updated price and obtain their approval.

    Our outcome from first week of lawn mowing operation

    Pick out the price of choosing the van of $240; we start off using outstanding in my view.

    I wished to obtain exposure and begin getting clients onboard while I search for a van to have. In this time I made certain we take photos of our work to your site and social websites, use the pictures for movie content.

    Capture your work for future marketing materials

    Video content can boost engagement and raise your search engine rank. If you would like to stick out from the remainder, gorgeous images and movie may do just fine.

    You are able to use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects, it is a small learning curve, but if you look well enough, it is possible to get a template and presets to produce your editing job much simpler.

    Australia cost for mowing franchisesPurchasing lawn mowing business for sale

      Only after Xmas of 2017, I set down a deposit to get a little Holden Combo at Williamstown; I feel it’s a good beginning point for us and also to maintain startup prices down. After we made a profit and paid all our expenditures, and also our clientele keeps growing, I’ll update our automobile to satisfy us. For the time being, it is a beginning to working my own lawn maintenance company in Melbourne.

      Our Holden van is an investment worth $4,200.

      Our Future Goals

      Our predictions and goals are to increase our weekly income to $1,000 and then $2,000 and so forth. Continue to obtain regular customers and gain knowledge in lawn maintenance – turning bad patchy lawns into lush grass you can enjoy.

      We have already booked in new clients for 2nd of January 2018 – worth $450 of work.

      What’s excellent about mowing franchise?

      The simple fact that it has been a proven company success and you do not need gardening abilities or knowledge to conduct a lawn maintenance and gardening business. When you input the franchise arrangement, they supply you with of the vital skills and hands-on knowledge in gardening and mowing and crucial business operation like bookkeeping.

      As a lawn mowing franchisee, you’ll receive ongoing coaching and assistance from the team to ensure that you did everything to be successful.

      Think about a franchise for a company in a box with what assembled and known for success. It does not mean that you won’t neglect — bear this in mind. The effect changes from person to person, your job integrity and enthusiasm comes to perform.

      Some advantage of buying a mowing franchise

      • Higher rate of success than start-up business
      • More accessible to secure loan for a franchise
      • Access to national advertisement

      Some disadvantage of purchasing a mowing franchise

      • Franchise command how you operate your lawn care business – not 100% in your control

      Marketing Mowing Franchise

      As a franchisee, you’re part of a significant group of company owners and also the national franchise manufacturer. Launching your yard mowing and gardening company; the franchise team will continue to help you in neighborhood marketing and electronic advertising. Marketing source such as radio and TV are made to create a national vulnerability or condition where everybody can benefit as a group.

      Lawn Care Business Fees

      As a gardening and mowing business firm, they earn money with continuing franchise fees. Based on who you go with, a few franchise fees you a direct fee. A monthly franchisee charges may differ from a few hundred to tens of thousands.

      Below is a brief list I put together for your advice on yard mowing company available.

      Top 3 Mowing Franchise in Australia

      Jim’s Mowing Franchise

      I’d met Jim Penman and had the fun talking with Jim on a regular basis once I was working in-house for a website manager for the IT and advertising division.

      Jim thinks in his team and always give everybody the opportunity to grow. In the beginning, I had been small intimidated having a little dialog, but l climbed to love chatting with Jim within my 3-4 years in Jim’s Group HQ. He is an inspiration after departing the group and began my web design and electronic organization, and picking up on yard mowing.

      That’s me bottom left corner

      Jim’s Mowing Franchise is the most extensive branch of the Jim’s Group franchise. So far, there are over 40 branches including cleaning and evaluation & label. Jim’s attention has always been the client and his mowing franchisees.

      As an established mowing franchise in Australia, you are buying a well-known brand and business ready in a box.

      Jim’s Mowing Franchise Cost

      Purchasing a mowing company may differ from areas, and it is all based upon the Franchisor of the state. A Jim’s Mowing Franchise cost can begin from $20,000 — $50,000 and may consist of equipment, training and service.

      A franchisor is somebody that has the rights to some condition and can be responsible for promoting the franchise and handling the wellbeing of the yard mowing franchisee. All company support goes with a franchisor, and you’re able to speak to Jim right in the event that you want to. He likes to hear out of his franchisees.

      Jim’s Mowing Franchise
      features gardening into residential and industrial customers. With 80 percent of Jim’s Mowing Franchisees remains in business following their initial year of surgery. The remaining part of the franchise company sold for an affordable price.

      Jim’s Mowing provides comprehensive training in gardening solutions and how to conduct a company using their established systems and files.

      You owned and worked a franchise just like it is your organization. You deal with customer’s, creating quote and earn work. You decide if you would like to take work on-board and should choose a vacation, you’re in charge. Jim does all of the advertising that comes from your franchise charges and cost you a direct fee. This can be common ethics and ways of conducting a franchise.

      Ensure that you speak with a financial adviser and family prior to making a determination. I could be small prejudice, but if you’re seeking to buy a company in a box, then I would advise Jim’s Mowing Franchise.

      It’s possible to get six figures mowing yards as a organization. It is a nicely profitable organization.

      Express Lawn Mowing Franchise

      Express Mowing franchise is one of the most affordable solutions for people who have a smaller budget and want to start their mowing business. Your total investment is $9,950 + GST with all the equipment, marketing, training and support. For me, that’s the lowest start-up cost for a new business.

      Express Mowing franchisee will go through intensive two-day business training and three-day on the job training with an experienced and qualify operator. They love what they do, so what are you waiting for?

      VIP Mowing Franchise For Sale

      VIP Home Services is one of the first company to franchise home services including mowing and gardening. Believe me or not, Jim Penman had advice from VIP on starting a franchise. VIP was established in 1979, while Jim’s Mowing began in 1989.

      VIP group has over 4,000 active franchisees and still growing. To purchase VIP Mowing Franchise for sale is under $50,000. You can buy an existing franchise from $20,000 – $40,000 at Seek Business website.

      What I need to know about buying a mowing franchise

      The information I have provided is based on my experience and opinions of running a lawn care business. I have also offered generic details on franchises available.

      If you are looking to learn more about the ins and outs of purchasing a mowing franchise, please visit Franchising Code of Conduct. The information you can find on their website can include:

      1. if a franchise is genuine
      2. franchise agreement
      3. resolving disputes
      Franchising Code of Conduct

      Are you interested in starting your lawn care business?

      If buying a mowing franchise is not your cup of tea/coffee, the other option available is to build your business from the roots up. You have to keep in mind and do throughout research the costs involved, and the time you need to make it work.

      In the first section, I have played out how I got started with my mowing business. If you already have a van and trailer, all you need to get it off the ground is a used mower, blower/vac and whipper snipper. As you build up your client base and making revenue you can slowly upgrade your lawn care equipment – don’t buy something you don’t need. You can purchase any tools on the spot if it’s a part of a job requirement. Watch this YouTube video about lawn care equipment for under $5,000.

      You will require branding and a professional website to boost. Having the correct branding and website can bring in customers and convert better than a mediocre site. If you require any of the services below, give me a call or visit my website at www.neptunedesign.com.au

       I been in the lawn care business and have the knowledge to assist you

      • basic lawn care logo design – $200
      • flyers
      • mowing website – $29 p/m – no setup fee or cancellation fee
      • digital marketing
      • video creation

      My name is Nep Thach, and I am a certified Google AdWords manager and with over eight years experience in graphic and web design.

      Send me email